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Arco Floor Lamp

Item number:MKL0920128
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Floor lamp providing direct light, satisfying the need for direct light on a table without having to fix it to the ceiling. The base of the lamp is a white marble parallelepiped with rounded corners weighing about 65 kg. A hole runs through the barycentre serving to fix the vertical stem supporting the curved stem of the lamp and also provides a space to insert, for example, a simple broomstick so the lamp can be easily moved.
  The arched stem is made of three pieces of stainless steel which can telescope one into the other and which conceal the wiring. This gives a wider span to the arc and enables the light to be set at three different heights.

  The reflector is made of two pieces: a fixed dome, perforated to facilitate cooling the socket (for a 100 watt opal glass bulb) and a swivelling aluminium ring on the dome for adjusting the position of the reflector according to the height of the third section of the stem.

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